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Sunday, January 1, 2012

YouTube Channel Rave

I just recently came across a very fatshionable lady named Jessica Kane. Check out her channel, you will love her style.

Monday, March 28, 2011

In this Weeks Haul.......Chanel!

You guys know that I only give myself a $40 allowance every week. Well, this week I went over by a whopping $5. LOL

I got to meet up with one of my YouTube pals (Lirpagall), she was telling me how she had found the dupe to Chanel's Paradoxal nail polish at Big Lots for $1. You know I had to jump on that, cuz I love anything that has anything to do with Chanel.
I went to my Big Lots and I found it. Yippee!!

While April and I were at the mall, I fell in love with a top at Macy's. I am not a Macy's shopper, everything is overpriced and not really my style. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop thinking about this top for two days, so I had to go and try it on. It fit beautifully. It has a mod style fit, with rouching on the sides that hug by tushy really nice. Plus it has pockets.Luckily it was 40% off, so I got it for $41 plus tax. OUCH!! I know!
It's a very nice and durable material though and it is wash and wear, no ironing, which I love.

One of the ways that I justify purchasing an item that is expensive, is breaking it down to cost per wear.
You divide the cost of the item by the times you will wear it.

So since my top was $40, and I will wear it atleast twice a month for a year.
So 2 wears x 12 months, equals 24 times that I will wear it. Now, divide the $40 by 24.
Which means that it costs me $1.67 cents to wear it. Which is not bad.

Now, if I bought a dress for a special occasion, that cost me $100, I would only be able to wear it about twice a year. So that cost per wear would be $50. That amount is not very practical.
This is a good tip to keep in mind when you are purchasing an expensive item.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The long and short of it.........

Forever and a day, I have been wanting long sexy Victoria Secret model hair, but my hair takes forever to grow. Then I get impatient and cut it.

So I did some research and found out about a horse shampoo called Mane n' Tail. It was originally for horses, but according to all of its reviews, it aids in human hair growth.

This shampoo can be found at Sally Beauty Supply. They have a whole array of different products available online. The only items available in store are the original shampoo and conditioner.
It can also be found at Walmart and Walgreens.
Luckily, when i bought it at Sally's it was buy one get one free. I paid $6.99 for two large bottles.

Now, i know you are gonna laugh, but I went and got a haircut after buying this shampoo. Only because I had given myself a haircut and I knew it was not going to grow in a nice shape that I could work with.
So I got a haircut on February 12th,and i measured the front of my bangs, so that I could keep track. My measurement today is 1 and 3/4 inch longer. So it grew almost 2 inches in a little over a month. I am amazed!!
Now the scent isn't that great, but it is not terrible! It also stripped my black haircolor, which is not a bad thing for me. I have been trying to get my natural haircolor back.
I am going to try hard to resist the scissors and I will keep you posted on any new growth.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

A little birdie told me......

I have officially joined all the cool people and created a twitter account.
The first thing that came to my head, was all the fashion don'ts that i could share with my YouTubers. There are alot of fashion no no's that I could share,, but that would be too time consuming.
If you would like to follow me on twitter, or more so that I can follow you.